Rotary Hammers Bosch Rotary Hammers for powerful hammering in concrete and masonry, chiselling and drilling. The concentrated power of the rotary hammers from Bosch enables you to drill into even the toughest of materials quickly and easily – rega

Circular Saws The hand-held circular saws from Bosch are the ideal tools for precise rip and mitre cuts. With a maximum level of convenience and safety, they saw perfectly in solid wood, hard fibre boards, chipboard or wood core plywood and with Bos

Sabre saw and all-purpose saw Be it powerful cuts when renovating and reconstructing, sawing plastic pipes or even branches in the garden – the sabre saw and all-purpose saw will go through thick and thin with you. All Purpose Saw  PFZ

Multi-Sanders Large surfaces? Small corners? No problem with the handy multi-sanders from Bosch. They are truly multi-talented tools that not only smoothen out surfaces powerfully, they also easily remove paint and varnish – and they can do so in